In 2018, offline marketing led to 67% of all online searches. 39% of those searches, resulted in sales or a customer.

Even though more and more emphasis is put on online marketing (rightfully so), what people see in person, like custom stickers, still matters greatly.

The best marketing strategies involve a combination of online and offline efforts. 

Stickers are a mainstay of offline marketing and will continue to be. They are cheap, customizable and easily noticeable by consumers.

They come in different sizes and fit different needs. 

Custom stickers are a versatile and low-tech tool that offers personal interaction that you can’t get behind a screen.

People don’t put the same barriers on stickers as they do traditional marketing sources.

Word of mouth marketing is still extremely powerful. It spreads your business name, message, and logo.

When you use them as a giveaway, instead of a piece of marketing, the consumer will be more open to it.

If a customer feels like you are pushing marketing material on them, they are less likely to use it. If it is a gift or bonus of some sort, they put them on phone cases, laptops, their cars, and other places. 

This is why word of mouth is so powerful. It’s consumers doing the legwork for you.

Another study found out that when people talk about brands, 90% of the time it comes from offline material. 

Stickers are well-liked.

Simply put, people just love putting stickers on things. If people like the logo, colors or already like your brand, it will end up on a laptop or bumper. 

It encourages brand loyalty especially.

Giving them out to existing customers almost always results in the right placement for that sticker or even better, that sticker getting in the hands of someone else.

They can provide information.

You can design any type of custom sticker you want.

If you want a graphic with prices or an address, those stickers will inform anyone who looks at them.

Making them more engaging while giving important information will boost the impact of the sticker.

It works for any company in any industry. 

It’s easy and cost-effective

One common misconception is that offline marketing materials are a hassle to make and expensive.

With the internet, the process is easy. Just upload your image at checkout and get a sticker made in any size or shape. 

We guarantee to ship within 24 hours and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

custom square stickers

Target your future customers.

You need a plan when finding new customers. Are you looking for a local base? Go to events and pass out stickers, telling people about your company or restaurant. 

If you are promoting your restaurant, offer a discount for people who show a sticker on social media.

Plus when you hand out a sticker, you’re creating a connection with that consumer. Everyone loves a free gift. 

Use decals on walls and buildings (that allow it) around your city. People will notice them there and on windows or even floors.

Try co-marketing with another business. Offer to promote their brand on your windows or walls, in exchange for the same thing.

Maybe even ask to have a pile of stickers in their store, that people can take.

Interrupting businesses is a bad idea and won’t be appreciated, but leaving stickers on front desks in your area is a way to get them out there. 

Distribute them to your customers.

Another mistake companies make is once an order is done, they think the interaction with a customer is as well.

This is especially true if you ship goods to the consumer.

Every purchase represents the chance to get at least one new consumer and eventual purchase referred to you.

If you go out of your way to strengthen your relationship with a customer, those odds rise in your favor.

A great way to accomplish that is by adding a few stickers in the shipment, as a gift.

It will help customers think highly of you and etch your brand’s name in their head even more. Having an employee hand out stickers in your brick and mortar store is also a great approach.

Even if they don’t purchase anything, they still will take it.  

Use them as address labels.

Now when you ship or mail anything, it is instantly recognized as coming from your brand.

It’s cheaper than custom envelopes. Create a sticker with your address and logo and you have branded mail. 

Stickers move the relationship with a customer forward, regardless of what step they are in.

Building a strong and equally fruitful relationship with a customer is how you attract and retain them.

Stickers can be powerful and cost-effective for this.

The smallest sticker is regarded as a gift, not an ad.

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