Product Labels Affect A Consumers Decision

Product labels are the difference between something getting picked up and ignored. A great label will grab someone’s attention and immediately let them know the most important details about it.

It’s important to plan out what information you need and how it is placed on each label. Once you are prepared, it is easier to create a design that attracts customers and communicates the most important information to them.

Product Labels Are About Marketing And Legal Requirments

Most labels will have important information, brand colors, maybe a special shape and a logo.

The biggest part of them is marketing but depending on what it is for, you may legally be required to add information.

The best labels entice consumers to pick it up or look at that section last. The first part of the creative process needs to be gathering all the information.

You may have a logo you can you, or you may want to make a new one for the specific product. Where you are selling the product will be important as well.

If you are in retail stores or a supermarket, you need a label to stand out amongst similar products. If you only sell it online, that matters less.

Think about who the product is targeting when on this step.

Understand The W’s

Who, what, when, where and how are the basics of product labels. Just knowing the age group isn’t enough.

Ask yourself what kind of products your target audience buys already.

You need to avoid looking too much like your competitor’s label also. It’s one of the mistakes many companies make with their logo and their labels.

Picking your colors is huge as well. Your choice should be determined by the type of product and the audience, along with your competitors.

Usually, standing out from competitors with vivid labels is a good idea.

Plan out what typography you use is the most important and needs to be bigger in a different font.

If the fonts are too much alike, they won’t stand out from each other. When someone views a label or logo, they automatically see the most important elements to the least important.

Designers use this hierarchy to pull attention to the most important elements of a logo while downplaying secondary parts.

It’s not visually appealing if there are a lot of fonts vying for attention. The eyes won’t know where to go.

The best practice is to use contrast.

Don’t Skip Any Steps

It’s tempting to get a design printed right when you have a great idea. You have to know if the label fits and looks good on the packaging first with that idea.

There are more variables then just a great idea and an explanation of what the product is. Get second opinions on it with anyone you can as well.

Ask questions to find out how they feel about each aspect. This step makes a big difference.

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