How To Use Adobe Trace To Make Vector Images

Using Adobe Trace in Illustrator will convert your image from its original format to vector format. This lets you maintain high-quality printing at any size.

Vector images allow the design to be scaled infinitantly while retaining its quality.

Open Illustrator and import an image.

adobe example 1

Then, select “window” and “image trace” to bring up the image trace panel.

adobe example 2

Make sure your image is selected and check the preview box to see the effect.

adobe example 4

Select the “mode” option, and choose between color, greyscale or black and white.

adobe example 5

adobe example 6

The color slider controls the number of colors or greys depending on the mode you are in. Make sure it isn’t too low, reducing color. It could also be too high. Since our image is simple, I can put the color slider to the max.

adobe example 7

Next, hit the advanced drop-down panel.

adobe example 8

The paths slider is first. Having too few paths will distort the image or make it look boxy.

adobe example 9

Too many can make the image look rough. It works best somewhere in the middle.

adobe example 10

The corner slider will make the pads of the image smooth if lower. If higher, it will make them pointy. Adjust this until it looks right to you.

adobe example 11

The noise slider tells Illustrator to ignore areas of your image that fit within the pixel size. It means a bigger number makes less noise.

adobe example 12

If it is too high, parts of your image may disappear. Feel this slider out, how you see fit.

adobe example 13

When it looks good, click “expand under the “object” dropdown.

adobe example 14

Then you can save the image as a pdf or AI file. The image is infinitely scalable now and can print at any size and maintain its high quality.

adobe example 15

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