How To Sticker Bomb And What It Is

Chances are you’ve seen walls, doors, laptops and maybe even cars that are smothered in hundreds of stickers. Artist sticker bomb areas the same way they graffiti them.

There is no doubt that sticker bombing is an art form. It’s been a popular part of culture for a long time, being an affordable and graphic way to show creativity or make a larger point.

They often have different motivations behind them or are just a way to make an area stand out. It’s a free gallery of logos or sayings.

Intentional shapes can be created where an outline or image can be seen from a distance. Then, when you get closer all you see is the individual stickers.

When done poorly, it can be ugly. Sometimes after years, the weather will leave its mark on an outdoor one. Some companies may even sell full sheets that come pre-made, which really takes the art of it.

You can see them almost anywhere.

sticker bomb

You usually don’t have to look far for a wall that has been sticker bombed. Local shops and bars have them frequently. Here is an example in our hometown of Jacksonville, Florida.

Walls like these have an open invitation to anyone to partake in the sticker bomb design and add their own stickers. Local businesses that have them use them for a sense of community.

Companies can use a sticker bomb to get social shares.

Adding a hashtag sticker to use or one asking for a share when someone interacts with the group will help digital engagement. It could even go viral.

You will see some with QR codes for Snapchat or Instagram logos in these.

Offering a discount for those who follow on social media will drive your engagement for this. If you say this on each sticker with your usernames, it will drive consumers to follow or add you.

How To Do It Yourself

laptop sticker bomb

First, prep your surface area. You need it to be clean, dust and streak-free. You don’t want the stickers looking bad and peeling off. Use soap and a scrubbing pad or brush to get it ready.

Next, start collecting a giant amount of stickers. If you are a business owner trying to do this in your space, you can get multiple ones made of yours and combine them with others.

Don’t be afraid to overlap them. The ones that are placed at the beginning are naturally going to be the least visible. Place them using all angles.

It there are gaps in it, don’t overlap it too often or it will stand out.

There are a lot of surfaces to choose from. Your desk, wall, laptop, and even phone can look great with this. Plus, vinyl stickers remove with such ease and no marks. So you don’t need to worry about ever wanting to change it, you can easily.