Halloween Branding Ideas

Halloween promotions are commercialized and celebrated in the business world. It’s a chance to offer some new promotions and bring in a new crowd.

Now is the time to prepare for those upcoming weeks. It’s an opportunity to interact and grow with your customers and audience. Here are some tips to make the most of your Halloween marketing chances.

Spooky Sales Decals

Get someone’s attention with a special Halloween themed promo. Using a sticker decal in crowded areas will grab that attention, especially if it has a design that matches the season.

You can come put them on your window or door, or even your car. You can partner with businesses in the area to place them around their store also, in exchange for another service or an ad.

Halloween Specials

Running this will go perfect with any decals that can carry the message. An enticing and timely offer will bring in new customers.

If you can, offer discounts for items that could get people ready for Halloween.

Social Media Contest

Create a hashtag that matches your store and brand for this. Have your followers tag you in a photo with their costume and use that hashtag.

Give the winner a gift card for your business. This promotion will surely grow your online following.

Another way to boost your social media for the holidays is to comment on posts relating to Halloween and post your own staff’s costumes and decorations.

Take a look at the hashtag #Halloweencostumecontest to get some ideas of how to engage your audience and gain entrances.

Halloween Sticker And Swag Giveaways

When you giveaway a sticker with a purchase it keeps your clients engaged with your logo and brand. Plus, if they had a good experience they will want to use it and show it off.

Get your logo made with a Halloween design for this. Now, you have something that customers will love to show off for the holiday.

This can raise your brand awareness a good amount. It could end up in a public place, and be around a few years (regardless of what the theme of the sticker is.)

Halloween Themed Name Tags

If you have employees who work in your storefront, it is important they portray your brand. This is how you get brand consistency and show it off for customers.

Add some Halloween flair to the usual nametags and have them wear it throughout the month. If there are special sales or deals going on, highlighting them there isn’t a bad idea either.

This way, when a customer has an interaction it will stick in their mind well after it ends.