Grow Your Brand With Items You Already Own

If you own or work for a small business, it’s a competitive field. There are over 30 million in the U.S. You need to know how to grow your brand in unique ways, utilizing the resources you have.

One of the biggest problems small companies face is a lack of ad budget in their starting phase.

There are places to look to spread your brand you may not think of. Today’s blog is about using those places and items as marketing tools.

Chances are you have these in your office or even home, but haven’t used them like this yet.

Here are ways to grow your brand with items you already have.

Use Your Storefront Better

storefront labels

Even if you work out of your home, this still applies and can be used for branding.

Your signage and doors are often the first impression customers or clients will see.

Your empty windows or walls are a great place to add information about your company. A bright and attracting decal will always get read there.

Plus, any passerby will surely see. You need to be taking full advantage of this.

It’s a great spot to push your company message or even showcase a new product.

If you have a new product launch, our die cut stickers are perfect to create a cutout of a certain product.

If you work from home, there are ways to this. Make a sign or put branded stickers with your logo and message on your mailbox. People will notice either of those from their car.

Company Uniforms And Nametags

If you have employees that are working with customers directly, their branding should be utilized. You can get them sporting the company logo with their name for cheap.

It can turn almost any set of clothes into a recognizable uniform for customers.

Each interaction with a customer is a chance to plant your brand into their minds.

If they have a pleasant interaction with your employees, they will remember that and the logo that they are wearing. This will help you next time when they come back as a repeat customer.

You can get the perfect nametag made at with your logo and your company’s message on it.

Use Vehicle Branding

You most likely have a car and so do your employees. If your company has company cars, even better.

The easiest way to brand any car you or the company already owns is with bumper stickers, window stickers, and decals on the back.

Our stickers are easily removed with no leftover residue when it is time to change the message out. You could even take them off just to transition your car to personal use.

Add your company name, logo, message and any products you are promoting heavily. Seven out of ten consumers make buying decisions on the road according to Fit Small Business, so this is a place to utilize.

Ask your employees to do this as well and offer them extra incentives to do so.

Brand Your Meeting Spaces

This is another overlooked place to grow your brand. If you have a conference room or a place for meetings and networking, use stickers or signs to establish your company’s identity.

If you do that, your customers or clients that are meeting you for the first time will have a much better idea of you and the company.

In addition, you can even use laptops, mugs, and anything else in the area to show off a message or a product. If done right, it should look professional and not tacky or over the top. If your company is more professional I would suggest darker colors.

Stickers For Products

beer labels

Use this for seasonal products or special sales. It will go a long way to get customers’ attention if the label sticks out from others.

Stickers can be an economical way to deliver product art and get extra attention for it.