Companies that use floor decals to bring in foot traffic, promote sales or promote anything are taking advantage of empty space while being fun at the same time.

Contact us at or call us at 904-651-5645 for a quote on your custom floor decal. Here are a few ways you can use them to spread your brand.

Place Floor Decals Near Your Store For Foot Traffic

First, this will help people find your store in crowded areas. You can get permission to put them on sidewalks and walkways.

If you have more than one store, this can help even more. If a familiar customer notices your logo, they will follow it.

floor decal

Second, you can get people to notice any sales, promotions or new items you have. A sale or discount going on can drive new customers into your store.

If you have a new product to sell, do the same thing. It will at least spread awareness of it.

Social Media Encouragement

If you have a great location, try to get it promoted and posted on social media. Encourage people to take a selfie with the decal and tag your company.

Offer a discount to those who do and can prove it. This is a type of word of mouth marketing, the most powerful type.

This also can be used for trade shows, events and festivals you may have a booth at. Put your social media information on it and encourage follows and shares as well.


A decal on the ground that creates an eye trick can be really engaging. Also, you could create a 3D version of a product or an arrow to your store.

This type of graphic stands out.

General Use

Honestly, you can use these for anything and they will get noticed. Floors and streets are forgotten about and won’t be ignored like traditional ads.

Put your logo on a sidewalk that you are allowed to and see the results!

Our process is fast and easy. Upload your image at checkout. Then, we ship in 24 hours when you approve the proof.

We offer a 30-day money-back garuntee because we are so confident in our product’s quality.

We offer bulk discounts when you order stickers from us.

10% of all purchases go to the Jacksonville Boys and Girls Club

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