Custom Bumper Stickers Work To Spread Your Brand

A tried and tested way of getting your brand’s name noticed, is with custom bumper stickers. It is an inexpensive type of offline marketing that when done right, can get seen by countless eyes daily.

How many times have you been in traffic and noticed a bumper sticker or any type of sticker on the car in front of you? You read it right? The majority of people read what stickers are on the cars in front of them. This means that well-written custom bumper stickers can leave a lasting and positive impression on a reader.

Think of the number of people you pass on your way to work. Hundreds a day? Thousands a week? These are all potential customers to market to – by using your current customers. This study by Perception Research found that automobile advertising generates 2.5 times more attention than static billboards.

This is a great way to build your brand’s identity with fun phrases and eye-catching logos while increasing the visibility for one of the more affordable prices in any type of marketing. The key is to stand out amongst the road by creating a clever or humorous bumper sticker. Here are some tips for making a successful bumper sticker.

custom bumper stickers

Keep The Message Simple

It is vital to keep it simple. No one will be able to read a long message on the road – or care to. Even if they read a longer message, they may not even bother to figure out what it is for.

Keep the phrases short and sweet. Something catchy that sticks in their head work much of the time.

Use Your Custom Bumper Sticker To Generate Curiosity

Think of it as a lead or the subject of an email that they want the answer for. So, don’t give away your entire message on the sticker. Do things to raise their interest.

The message can be very very short. Send them to your website or social media looking for answers.

A Unique Shape Will Stand Out

It doesn’t even have to be a classic rectangle sticker on your car. A unique die-cut custom sticker may stick out and make them even more interested.

We sell all types of sizes and shapes that will stick out on the road!

Use Bright Colors To Attract Eyes

This is a surefire way to get noticed from a long distance. Use two bright colors that contrast each other.

Combinations like black and yellow or red and yellow are great for this. Therefore, people won’t be able to avoid them standing out.

Make The Font Size Large And Clear

This is one of the most important things to do. Make sure your font size is big enough. Most of the stickers should be used by the headline.

Finally, use upper and lowercase letters to make them easy to read.

We Have All Your Custom Bumper Sticker Needs Covered!