Business stickers can go farther than you think for reeling in customers and building your brand.

They can last for years and are cheap when you compare them to other marketing tactics. Here are some sticker giveaways that can grow your company and earn your business.

event giveaway

Event Giveaways

Local events, markets, festivals, and concerts are a great place to set up a table and show off your products.

Whenever anyone comes by your table, offer a free sticker. If they like your brand logo, product or you even just make a good impression, they’ll hold onto it.

This goes a long way in raising your brand awareness.

Reach out to the host of the event and see if you can go out there. Many of these will already have local companies setting up shop.

die cut sticker

Street Giveaways

This is another easy way to spread your brand awareness. Explain who you are and what your company does.

Ways like this at events really put importance on having a great logo and branding people like. If they don’t, why would they use the sticker?

By doing this, you are building your leads and growing your audience. This can be anywhere near your shop, or anywhere in your city with heavy foot traffic.

food sticker of fries

Launch A New Product

If you’re launching a new product or trying to promote a new service, putting it on a custom sticker raises the public’s awareness about it.

You want to get people talking about your new product or menu item. For example, a restaurant could put a new food item on a sticker and place them around town.

Make sure your name and location are listed on them and place it in areas that you think will get views and build energy for it.

It works even better if you start this before the product launches. Then by the time it comes out, there will be excitement generated for it.

If you have a social post or a web page dedicated to the product and its launch, put that on your business stickers as well.

whataburger bumper sticker

Bumper Stickers

Put your companies slogan and logo on a bumper sticker and give them away. If your message and brand are catchy, the stickers will get used.

Think of the number of eyes that will see that sign. It doesn’t even have to be a tagline that directly relates to your business.

It can be a driving joke like “My driving scares me also.” Almost everyone will love a good joke along those lines.

instagram sticker

Social Media Sharing With Each Purchase Or Customer

This is how you can grow your social media without spending money online where there is ad fatigue. We wrote an entire blog on this here.

Put your Snapchat code or Instagram handle on stickers with your brand logo. Give them away with each purchase or give them to any customer.

This way, you are advertising to people who already are interested and are likely to get a follow or a social media shutout.

Also, Encourage a positive review on social media for a discount.

sticker business card

Business Card Stickers

Do you hand out business cards? Make it a business sticker and stand out from the average cart.

They could be placed on anything and that makes it more visible and memorable than a normal business card.

The majority of business cards get thrown out (88%).

If the consumer likes your sticker’s look, they won’t toss it in the trash like a normal business card.

The number of uses and ideas there are for business stickers are endless.

These are just a couple of giveaway ideas. Comment any ideas you have below.