54% of social media users browse it to research or learn more about a business. Having an impactful social media presence is critically important. There’s no getting around it.

However, using custom decal stickers can boost your social media presence and even your local Google ranking.

Since 37% of consumers start their purchase after browsing on social media, growing these channels should be attacked with more than just online techniques.

While custom decal stickers can spread your handles, there are a few other cost-friendly options that are old school.

Engaging with customers and clients in a physical and impactful way builds online interactions that algorithms value.

Getting likes and followers organically through Facebook and Instagram can be a slow process, not to mention both of those platforms will always try to push you toward paid advertising.

Paid ads on both are good ideas at times, running ads for likes or follows isn’t one of those.

Using traditional strategies is a great way to get around the algorithm. It’s not expensive at all, and that traffic driven to your pages will boost it dramatically.

Think of the amount of saturation on Facebook for small business. Driving people to your pages offline avoids all that.

Use custom decal stickers as a way to spread your brand awareness and promote your social channels.

Word of mouth is massively important, and custom stickers are a great way to spread your brand and your usernames. Before social media existed, this and print advertising were the only ways many companies advertised

Is your store a walk-in store that engages with consumers?

Placing stickers in the front that can be grabbed will earn their attention. Your windows or doors are great places to put up stickers or signs with your social media information.

If you use Snapchat, stickers with your QR code placed strategically will boost you there.

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Offering a discount for those who follow on social media will drive your engagement.

If you say this on each sticker with your usernames, it will drive consumers to follow or add you. It’s the best motivation. It doesn’t need to be a large discount either.

Bringing custom decal stickers to any social gathering, event or festival while offering the discount for following is a great idea.

You probably already see so many companies sponsor events and giveaways stickers, they are using this exact same strategy and it’s probably working.

This is how relationships with customers are built and your social accounts grow offline.

Create custom stickers for networking events, with your name and social media handles.

Trade shows and conferences are other avenues to get your brand out and gain followers with your offline interactions.

If your name-tags motivate people to interact with your presence online, they’ll also have something to remember your encounter from.

Having top customer service and rewarding online reviews is also getting offline marketing to grow your online brand.

Usually, people are more likely to post a review about a bad experience than a good one. That is why having great customer service is so vital.

But take an extra step and offer a discount for anyone who gives a good review.

Your online reputation will go a long way in determining your rank on Google and your social media presence.

88% of customers trust online reviews as much as they would their friend recommending them somewhere.

This means that reviews on Google or Yelp drive more traffic back to your site and hopefully your social media.

If you get backlinks and social mentions, your online brand will thrive. And you get both of those things by asking people offline to do it.

Having a real benefit for customers to interact with your online brand after in-person communication is the best place to focus your offline marketing. 

Other companies usually won’t combine both efforts, leading to the saturation on Facebook and Instagram.

Having printed material that offers discounts for follows or mentions will make a noticeable difference in your online presence.

For a business to succeed they need a perfect balance of online and offline marketing.

Enough consumers still look for word of mouth before going to Google. When you get your word of mouth to boost your Google ranking, that is where the difference can be made.

Our custom decal stickers can help you with that. For a limited time, we are offering a sample order of 15 for $1.

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