17 Ways To Use Custom Stickers For Your Business

In 2021, 7 out of 10 consumers made purchasing decisions while driving. In 2019, offline marketing led to 67% of all online searches. 39% of those searches, resulted in sales or a customer. There are many smart and cost-effective ways to use custom stickers to reach your offline audience.

Even though more and more emphasis is put on online marketing (rightfully so), what people see in person, like custom stickers, still matters greatly.

The best marketing strategies involve a combination of online and offline efforts.  

Stickers are a mainstay of offline marketing and will continue to be. They are cheap, customizable, and easily noticeable by consumers.

They come in different sizes and fit different needs. 

Custom stickers are a versatile and low-tech tool that offers personal interaction that you can’t get behind a screen.

Another study found out that when people talk about brands, 90% of the time it comes from offline material. 

People like stickers. Simply put, people love putting stickers on things. If people like the logo, and colors or already like your brand, it will end up on a laptop or bumper. 

It encourages brand loyalty especially.

Giving them out to existing customers almost always results in the right placement for that sticker or even better, that sticker getting into the hands of someone else.

It’s easy and cost-effective. One common misconception is that offline marketing materials are a hassle to make and expensive.

With us, the process is easy. Just upload your image at checkout and get a sticker made in any size or shape.

We will send you a proof if needed and we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Here are 12 ways to use custom stickers for your business. 

car decal

1. Vehicle Branding

You most likely have a car and so do your employees. If your company has company cars, even better.

The easiest way to brand any car you or the company already owns is with bumper stickers, window stickers, and decals on the back.

Our stickers are easily removed with no leftover residue when it is time to change the message out. You could even take them off just to transition your car to personal use.

Add your company name, logo, message, and any products you are promoting heavily. Seven out of ten consumers make buying decisions on the road according to Fit Small Business, so this is a place to utilize.

Ask your employees to do this as well and offer them extra incentives to do so.

2. Stickers For Products

Use this for seasonal products or special sales. It will go a long way to get customer’s attention if the label sticks out from others.

Stickers can be an economical way to deliver product art and get extra attention for it.

3. Address Labels

Now when you ship or mail anything, it is instantly recognized as coming from your brand.

It’s cheaper than custom envelopes. Create a sticker with your address and logo and you have branded mail.

event giveaway

4. Event Giveaways

Local events, markets, festivals, and concerts are a great place to set up a table and show off your products.

Whenever anyone comes by your table, offer a free sticker. If they like your brand logo, product or you even just make a good impression, they’ll hold onto it.

This goes a long way in raising your brand awareness.

Reach out to the host of the event and see if you can go out there. Many of these will already have local companies setting up shop.

5. Launch A New Product

If you’re launching a new product or trying to promote a new service, putting it on a custom sticker raises the public’s awareness about it.

You want to get people talking about your new product or menu item. A restaurant could put a new food item on a sticker and place them around town.

Make sure your name and location are listed on them and place it in areas that you think will get views and build energy for it.

It works even better if you start this before the product launches. Then by the time it comes out, there will be excitement generated for it.

sticker business card

6. Business Card Stickers

Do you hand out business cards? Make it a business sticker and stand out from the average cart.

They can be placed on almost anything and that makes it more visible and memorable than a normal business card.

The majority of business cards get thrown out in the first week (88% do).

If the consumer likes your sticker’s look, they won’t toss it in the trash like a normal business card.

The number of uses and ideas there are for business stickers are endless.

7. Storefront Signs

Your signage and doors are often the first impression customers or clients will see.

Your empty windows or walls are a great place to add information about your company.

Plus, any passerby will surely see. You need to be taking full advantage of this.

It’s a great spot to push your company message or even showcase a new product.

Then, if you have a new product launch, our die-cut stickers are perfect to create a cutout of a certain product and put it on your window.

If you work from home, there are ways to this. Make a sign or put branded stickers with your logo and message on your mailbox. After that, people will notice either of those from their car.

8. Wall Stickers And Decals In Your Office

If you have a conference room or a place for meetings and networking, use stickers or signs to establish your company’s identity.

If you do that, your customers or clients that are meeting you for the first time will have a much better idea of you and the company.

You can even use laptops, mugs, and anything else in the area to show off a message or a product. If done right, it should look professional and not tacky or over the top.

If your company is more professional I would suggest darker colors.

instagram sticker

9. Social Media Sharing With Each Purchase Or Customer

This is how you can grow your social media when you use custom stickers.

Put your Snapchat code or Instagram handle on stickers with your brand logo. Give them away with each purchase or give them to any customer.

Now you are advertising to people who already are interested and are likely to get a follow or a social media shout out.

Also, Encourage a positive review on social media for a discount.

10. Laptop And Cell Phone Decals

Give these away to customers and encourage them to put it on those objects.

You can also turn your phone and laptop to a mini-billboard like this. Then, your employees spread the logo.

Then, offer a discount for any customer who uploads a pic of your sticker being used like this onto social media.

Even if they take the sticker off, the picture can do you good for later posts.

sticker on a package

11. Custom Packaging

This makes a good first impression on anyone who orders something online. It will stand out and impress customers.

This can make a big difference for companies that are most e-commerce. Thank you labels are effective as well.

This adds a nice touch that will stick in the customer’s mind.

12. Floor Decals

This space is almost always empty. Decals and ad signs can point a customer in the right direction.

You can use it to advertise your sales from the parking lot, sidewalk, or your store.

13. Include With Each Purchase

This is a common way companies spread their logo. Include a sticker in each product you ship or keep them at the register and give them away.

Chances are if the customer loves the product they will endorse the sticker! This leads to huge word-of-mouth marketing chances. Since they love your brand, they will likely recommend you when asked about the sticker.

14. Brand Your Equipment

If you have computers or tablets out in the open and visible to customers, brand these items. Even garbage bings, fridges, and desks all are perfect places to slap a sticker on.

Then, they work as mini-advertisements and help your brand stick in a person’s mind while adding color to a room.

15. Distribute Stickers To Retailers

If you have retailers, include stickers with specialized themes based on sales or new product launches.

They can use them around their store and with the new products.

16. Create A Top Customer Sticker

Create a sticker that says something along the lines of “Proud Repeated Customer” or “Top Customer”. Then, hand it out to your regulars.

People like being recognized and it can attract more customers.

17. Use Stickers As Ambient Ads

When you see an ad in a strange place, this is an ambient ad. It’s effective and eye-catching. There are a lot of creative ways to do it also.

Putting them on doors, windows, and elevators in your space or a space that you get permission to works great at creating intrigue. Write special messages like a promotional offer or social media info for people to learn more.

There are countless more creative ways to use stickers. The benefits are tremendous.

Custom stickers are one of the most affordable and flexible ways you can market your brand. If your logo is unique and stands out – they will also. They can help strengthen customer relationships and boost word-of-mouth marketing. 

Our process is fast and easy. Upload your image at checkout and after the proof is approved we ship.

We offer a 30-day money back garuntee because we are so confident in our product’s quality.

We offer bulk discounts when you order stickers from us. 

10% of all purchases are donated to the Jacksonville Boys and Girls Club.